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Wants and Needs

Do you need to find connections for a project you have in mind. Do you have something you want to sell or buy? Need to find volunteers or some paid help? Looking for livestock or have some to sell? I can help. One of my best skills is connecting with people. I am good at finding things, marketam  and other things that seem to fit into helping people get what they need​. It does take time, so I realized I needed to find a way to get paid for it. You contact me with what you are needing and I go from there. I obviously cannot

.guarantee success, but I can provide you with references.


I believe that marriage is a personal choice. Whether you want a spiritual or religious ceremony, a relaxed gathering or a formal event, blue jeans or tuxedos, it is your choice.  I can offer suggestions, provide the full script or follow your full script. I'm excited to be a part of such a big event in your life. The cost is $150 in the central Curry  area, ie Gold Beach, Ophir, Pistol River, etc

Social Media Marketing 

Don't have a business facebook page?  What about a twitter account?  Social media is the way to get word out to your customers.  It's quick, easy and pretty much free.  I can set up your account (businesses have special rules) and teach you the basics.  Or, you can have me handle your posts and tweets. 


Facebook: Business or group page initial set-up $50

     Monthly management: 2 posts a week, responding to messages, sharing posts, etc.  $25 a month


Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: Initial Set-up $100

       Monthly management: 2 posts a week, responding to messages, sharing posts, etc.  $80 a month

Training: Two 1-hour sessions for two people, including a couple of easy cheat sheets for you to use. $100 


.I have some social media hints from other experts that I'm happy to share with you. Just make sure you credit them for helping you.

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