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In the last couple of months I've had the opportunity to reach out to our small community for a couple of things. The outcome was amazing. A simple memory and post asking for help funding new books for local students at the Scholastic Book Fairs (not sponsored) resulted in $1100 in donations. WHAT! I was hoping to raise a couple of hundred.. Over 100 students were able to purchase new books. The money also helped with the percentages raised for the school to be able to purchase books for classrooms.

In December I reached out again and asked for our community to help provide residents at a local assisted living facility with a fun holiday season. Locals purchased lap blankets in holiday colors that were handed out to each resident the day after Thanksgiving. Then I mentioned having a pizza party on Christmas Eve. So many donations poured in that we were able to not only have pizza, soda and cookies, but we also delivered regular and sugar-free candy to residents 3 different times. The pizza was delivered by the big man himself (shout-out to the Gold Beach Fire Department, a great crew of dedicated volunteers). There was enough money left over to purchase sparkling cider and decorations for a fun New Year's Eve party AND we will be able to purchase something for each resident for Valentines Day. Now if I can just find a Cupid to deliver them??? Hmmmm...

What I'm trying to say is that yes, the internet can cause so much pain and disharmony. However, if we, as individuals make a choice to not buy into and feed the negativity it takes away it's power. By working to change how we react and doing our part, we can do so much.

Don't get me wrong. I do complain (a lot and I'm grateful for my husband, friends and coworkers who listen to me). I've thought about creating a series called "They walk among us" to highlight some of the more interesting examples of "stupidity" that is posted. But really, that wouldn't do any good.

So take the time to look for the positive on

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