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Hope, Joy & Faith Farm got it's name from the middle names of our three daughters.  Those three words, hope, joy and faith, are what I believe we must have in order to live a fulfilling life.  Hope for what is to come, joy for the day-to-day living and faith that our needs will be met.  


We offer a large variety of services, from commission sales, animal/livestock searches and sales, produce, social media creation and training and we also offer the services of a legally ordained minister. 


We strive to grow healthy food for our family, with the extra being sold as cheaply as possible to give others a chance to eat healthier.  


We love showing people our farm, and helping them learn about frugal, simple ways to get back to nature.  Our methods for growing vegetables and fruit are as close to organic as we can get, without being certified.  We are chemical pesticide free, and our fertilizer is plant and animal based, as Mother Nature intended.  Our livestock is raised with a lot of love, and healthy, safe living conditions.  


Living a simpler life isn't necessarily easy, but it sure feels good!

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We work "regular"40 hour a week jobs, along with the farm hours, so it's best to contact us ahead of time.

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